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Exterior Inspiration and Renovation

September 17, 2010

Vetted's Exterior Inspirational Images

After the name of the store was officially selected, it was time to decide what image would be best to project to customers as well as to passers-by. It was clear that the exterior of the cottage that would soon house Vetted would have to match the name; reflecting both careful selection and unique style. An eye-catching exterior was a necessity when considering the new appearance of the store, as the goal was, like any new business… to get noticed. Vetted needed a facade that was going to be sophisticated, bold, and unique.


Seeing as the drab yellow wasn’t suited for the bold image we were going for, it was decided that the exterior would be painted black, an avant-garde choice when it comes to exteriors, but nevertheless a color that has an undeniable classic appeal in the fashion world. In addition to this dramatic dark exterior, we wanted a pop of color to draw the eye in and provide a welcoming invitation to visitors, hence the citrine door.

Critiquing our color options

“The exterior is like a jewel box, once you open it it twinkles with lightness and brightness, allowing the clothes to be the sparkling jewels”

– April Wilkins, Managing Partner

The (almost) finished product


What’s In A Name?

September 13, 2010

As any business owner knows, the selection of a name is one of the founding, if not THE founding source of inspiration that the entire business is based upon. The name is meant to spark conversation, resonate with an audience, and most importantly…reflect the philosophy behind the brand. A well-thought out name…is everything.

When it came time to decide on a name, great care was taken to ensure we hit the nail on the head with the concept of our  luxury women’s boutique. Our philosophy was this: take the guesswork out of shopping and provide customers with a meticulously selected line of stylish clothing and accessories by approaching our role as “curators” rather than retailers. It was this train of thought that led us to the term Vetted.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines “vetted” as a verb meaning, “to subject to usually expert appraisal or correction,”. For anyone who watches CNN, the term is commonly used in political references, in which a potential candidate is properly “vetted” i.e. carefully selected.

We decided to take a bit of creative license and expand on this notion to reflect our spin on retail. Vetted | Atlanta is meant to be a solution to Buckhead’s retail monotony, as everything from the decor and ambiance, to the lines and quantities of merchandise has been carefully thought out and hand-selected with the Atlanta consumer in mind.

We’ve edited the market so that you don’t have to, and have brought back carefully considered selections to appeal to even the most discerning shopper.

Patience is a Virtue…

August 30, 2010